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Tips for a Fruitful First Semester

HAPPY AUGUST DEAR ONES! (how is the world is it August????) For the returning college kids, this doesn’t mean much. August is just an abrupt wake up call to begin transitioning out of the summer vibes. However, for those of you entering into this new season (cough cough freshman), I am sure there is a lot of emotion running through those veins (I know there was for me). Beginning a new season of life can be nerve-racking, but I want to ease some of your nerves and concerns with some ways to thrive your Freshman year. These are all things I either implemented or things I wish I did implement. I pray you find these helpful and hopeful.

- All my Love, Morgan

1. Plug into Community ASAP.

Community is an utmost priority. I am not talking about attending a church where you show up Sunday, sit in the back, and blend in. NO. Volunteer once a week, get into a bible study or discipleship program. Be known within the body of Christ. Satan wants nothing more for you to walk alone, so don’t give him that satisfaction. Community will change your walk with Jesus and college career for the best. (“I’m too busy” is not an excuse)

2. Find STRONG, BOLD women of God and befriend them.

If you join community these will not be hard to find. Dig deep and create lasting friendships with these women. It is easy to get lost in worldly identities while in college, so having a solid group of women who will challenge and hold you accountable in your walk with Christ is vital.

​3. Do not SEEK to be in a relationship.

First, the perfect man will come to you whether you are looking or not. Second, this season is so precious. You have the world at your fingertips. You have the freedom to say “YES” to everything Jesus is calling you to, absolutely nothing is holding you back! Use this time to deepen your relationship with Jesus. Go on adventures with Jesus. Don’t be so encaptivated by the idea of an earthly relationship that it distracts you from pursuing the most important one.

4. Say Hi to the person next to you in class…everyday.

We are called to be lights of the world. Believe it or not, speaking to the person next to you in class is doing that. By starting conversation, you get to sow seeds of kindness and joy into their life. Knowing the person next to you gives the class a greater purpose, a purpose for ministry. I can’t tell you how many amazing opportunities the Lord gave me to share about Him with my classmates and the people I sat next to became some sweet friends and great study buddies! Be bold! We are all in the same boat, so at least make some friends while you’re in it.

5. Do NOT overcommit to organizations.

A&M tends to make you believe that you need to join every club under the sun your first year…this is a lie. So many upperclassman warned me about overcommitting, so I went light my first year. I joined one TAMU organization (guess which one lol) and got involved with my church which was the perfect amount my first year. You do NOT want to stretch yourself so far that you cannot invest 100% of your effort in each organization. Don’t make the fun part of college stressful.

6. Honor your body. It’s a temple.

I would use this new season of life to figure out what “honor your body” means personally. It could mean get 8 hours of sleep, cut out sugar, or work out “x” amount of times a week. Take steps towards building your body up rather than tearing it down.

7. Pray over and about everything.

Pray over your professors, your peers, the students sitting to your left and right, your roommate. Pray about your major, clubs, church, and community. Start now and never stop.

8. Learn how to surrender control and expectations.

College never goes the way one plans, and that’s okay. Begin to surrender pieces of your life to your Heavenly Father that you like to control and expectations that you have set on yourself, others, and your college. The whole college thing is too big to handle yourself, so give it to the One who already has it figure out and follow closely beside Him.

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